Our ability to meet project deadlines and supply consistent, high quality products ensures our cements are continually used in the construction of many of international long-standing structures. Our cement products can be general purpose but innovative mixture or special versions developed to suit projects specifications. Our dedicated quality control team ensures compliance with the highest international standards. Our laboratory facilities include the latest analysis equipment in the industry guaranteeing consistency in product quality. We sell Cement in Bulk, Big Bags and Sling Bags with White and Grey color, Treated for Cr+6 and low Alkalis with various types.


Grey Cement

  • OP Cement
  • SR Cement
  • Slag Cement
  • Composite Cement
  • Oil Well Cement G Class HSR Type
  • Cem I 42,5R
  • Cem I 42,5N
  • Cem II 42,5R
  • Cem I 52,5N
  • Cem II 52,5N
  • Cem II 32,5R
  • Cem IV 32,5R
  • Type I/II
  • Type II/V


White Cement

  • Cem I 52,N
  • Cem I